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AIRAID Intake for Late-model Ford Trucks

Hardware We get asked a lot of questions about trucks. But the two that get asked the most are: "How do I lower my truck," and most popular, "How do I get more power?!" Both of these are simple questions, and every sport truck enthusiast wants the easy answer. But the truth is there is no simple answer to either question, there are too many factors involved: budget, taste, practicality, application, availabiliby, uniqueness, safety, convienence, and the list goes on and on.

Getting more power out of some trucks can be difficult, especially if your truck happens to be a new Ford F-150 or Expedition. The new Ford trucks are taking the sport truck scene by storm, and the owners are demanding new products to make their trucks go faster and perform better. The late-model truck specialist from Arizona, Evergreen Performance, has heard the cry of Ford enthusiasts and has produced a new AIRAID intake system for 1997 and newer trucks. The AIRAID kit was designed for the 4.6 to 5.4 liter engines found in the Expedition and F-150.

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About the Installation

Installing the new AIRAID intake system on your late-model engine is the key to obtaining fast and easy power. The installation is simple, requiring only simple hand tools and a general knowledge of your truck. The whole installation takes about an hour, and produces excellect results. We have to give the kit approval for its functionality, style, reliability, and the one aspect that comes immediately to mind (if not  the seat of the pants first), every sport truck enthusiast's quest: its impressive power boost.

AIRAID InstallationWe decided to give our Ford Expedition a little help in the power arena with this AIRAID intake kit. Follow along as we take a first-hand look at the system. Get out your tools, your truck, and get your AIRAID system ready, as we begin our quest for power.

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