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Polyurethane Suspension
Installing Performance Suspension Components' Polyurethane Suspension Rebuild Kit

Article & Photography by Jeff Steinwand

Have an old truck? How about a late model with a sport stance that handles poorly? Then it's time to think about a front-end rebuild with polyurethane bushings. Why polyurethane? Stock bushings are rubber. While they provide a good ride they also deflect a good amount which leads to loose suspension feel and vague handling characteristics. By replacing the rubber with polyurethane you get precise handling that lasts. These bushings retain their functionality far longer than rubber bushings. Properly formulated polyurethane is not affected by oil, salt, smog, or ozone, all of which can destroy ordinary rubber bushings over time.

One company that knows the benefits of polyurethane is Performance Suspension Components in Phoenix, AZ. They offer a complete Polyurethane Front End Rebuild Kit for many different trucks and cars. Their kits incorporate high quality name brand components from Federal Mogul and Energy Suspension. The kits use graphite impregnated polyurethane bushings for the upper and lower control arms, sway bar bushings, along with polyurethane sway bar end links, tie rod boots and ball joint boots. They also include new upper and lower ball joints, inner and outer tie rod ends, idler arm, and other parts as necessary, along with all necessary hardware to rebuild the entire front suspension. Performance Suspension uses graphite impregnated polyurethane in their bushings. The graphite provides a form permanent lubrication so the bushings will not squeak like traditional polyurethane might.


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